Preservation of information resources in libraries : new challenges

Kademani, B. S. and Kalyane, V. L. and Vijai Kumar, * Preservation of information resources in libraries : new challenges., 2003 . In BOSLA One day Seminar on Resource Management, Mumbai (India), 8th November 2003. [Conference paper]


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English abstract

This paper discusses the importance and need of preservation of information resources in libraries, factors that affect degradation and deterioration of library materials and methods of tackling them. It also discusses the preservation problems that are associated with the digital information and the challenges faced by the librarians in preserving the intellectual content contained in the digital media.

Item type: Conference paper
Keywords: Paper preservation, conservation, preservation of Library materials, digital preservation
Subjects: J. Technical services in libraries, archives, museum.
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Date deposited: 18 Jun 2004
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