Citation Index: an indispensable information retrieval tool for research and evaluation

Kademani, B. S. and Vijai Kumar, * Citation Index: an indispensable information retrieval tool for research and evaluation., 2002 . In Training Workshop on Exploring Social Science Information in Digital Environment, Mumbai (India), 27 -30 May 2002. [Conference paper]


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English abstract

This paper highlights the information explosion, the need for bibliographic control, the need for information retrieval tools. Explains the emergence of Citation Index, concept of citation indexing, reasons for citing, its structure (print and electronic versions of Science citation Index and Social Science Citation Index ), and application of citation index. It also discusses the search effectiveness, factors taken into consideration for coverage of journals in citation indexes, Journal Citation Reports, various latest citation products including the Web of Science and limitations of citation indexes.

Item type: Conference paper
Keywords: Citation indexes, Science Citation Index, Social Science citation Index, application of citation indexes, citation index, evaluation of Scientific activities.
Subjects: I. Information treatment for information services
B. Information use and sociology of information
Depositing user: V. L. Kalyane
Date deposited: 18 Jun 2004
Last modified: 02 Oct 2014 11:58


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