The JISC FAIR Programme : opening up access to institutional assets

Awre, Chris The JISC FAIR Programme : opening up access to institutional assets. ASSIGNation, 2004, vol. 21, n. 3. [Journal article (Unpaginated)]


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The FAIR (Focus on Access to Institutional Resources) Programme was launched in August 2002 and will run until October 2005. There are 14 projects within the Programme representing a £2million investment over the three-year period. The Programme, in the words of the original call, aims to “… involve members of the Higher (HE) and Further (FE) community in projects to deposit and disclose institutional assets and to gather intelligence about and increase our understanding of the technical, organisational and cultural challenges of these processes. The FAIR Programme will also contribute to developing the mechanisms and supporting services to allow the submission and sharing of content generated by the HE/FE community.” The first process indicated is deposit, and repositories, most commonly institutional repositories, have been identified within the projects as the location for this. The FAIR Programme is investigating these places of deposit and the technologies that surround them.

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Keywords: FAIR Programme, Open Archives Initiative (OAI), Open Access Institutional Respositories Images Portals JISC Development funding
Subjects: F. Management.
B. Information use and sociology of information
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