Information resources management of T.I.S.S library

Pothare, R. C. and Subramanian, Shyamala and Angadi, Mallikarjun Information resources management of T.I.S.S library., 2003 . In BOSLA One day Seminar on Resource Management, Mumbai (India), 8th November 2003. [Conference paper]


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English abstract

Gives step-by-step information resource development, including hardware and software in T.I.S.S. Library. With the changing concept of document and user’s demand, library needs to create indigenous databases and explore external online databases. An attempt has been made to explain information management using IT applications and application software such as CDS/ISIS as well as SLIM ++ (system for library and information management Software). It also highlights the digitization of Library and the future plan of establishing National Centre for Social Science Information..

Item type: Conference paper
Keywords: Information Resource Management; TISS; India
Subjects: H. Information sources, supports, channels.
Depositing user: Dr. Mallikarjun Angadi
Date deposited: 16 Jul 2004
Last modified: 02 Oct 2014 11:58


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