An on-line index of Pakistan Library Bulletin : volume 1 to 33 (1968 to 2002)

Samdani, Rais Ahmed and Mahmood, Khalid . An on-line index of Pakistan Library Bulletin : volume 1 to 33 (1968 to 2002)., 2003 Library Promotion Bureau (Karachi, Pakistan). [Book]

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Computer is by far the greatest invention in human history. The idea of a global village, which once was the dream of Sociologists, Anthropologists and Philosophers, has now become reality. Information Technology (IT) is the order of the day with the advent of the new millennium. It has now become imperative to keep pace with its swift movement. Its influence on our lives is bright as the sun. No doubt that, after the invention of wheel, computer is the second greatest invention that revolutionized the history of the world. With launching of this On-line Index of Pastern Library Bulletin through the Web Site we are ushered into a new era of myriad possibilities. Library periodicals are the basic vehicle of communication for writers and researchers in the fiedld. They play an effective role in promotion and development of library profession. The history of periodical library literature in Pakistan goes back to December 1949, when the periodical Modern Librarian was revived in a new series from Lahore but it did not survive after two issues. Pakistan Library Review, an other library journal came out in March 1958, was recontinued in 1968 but just after four issues it was also closed down. An other periodical PLA Journal was started in July 1960. After several gaps it restarted in 1987, but after 1997 it was also closed down. The Pakistani Librarian was first issued from the Department of Library and information Sciecne, University of Punjab in 1995 and now is publishing under the title Pakistan Journal of Library and Inforamtion Science. Some other journals and newsletters were publihsed from time to time but have since gone into oblivion. Pakistan Library Bulletin, the quarterly journal in the field of library and information science is being published regularly since 1968. It was started with a noble objective under the editorship of Dr. Ghaniul Akram Sabzwari. The scope of this journal is international and has been serving the profession sincerely for the last 35 years. It publishes articles not only of Pakistani authors but welcomes distinguished foreign experts of Library and Information Science also to contribute in it. The history of compilation of bibliography and index in Pakistan dates back to 1949. An eminent bibliographer Mr. A. R. Ghani made the first individual attempt. He compiled a comprehensive bibliography entitled "Pakistan: a select bibliography". The Pakistan Bibliographical Working Group (PBWG) emerged in May 1950 on the recommendation of the International Conference on the Improvement of Bibliographical Sources, convened by the UNESCO in 1950 held at Paris. In fact the Group has the distinction of being the first professional organization to be formed at the national level, with the support of the UNESCO and on the enforcement of the Government of Pakistan. The Group has a number of important bibliographies and indexes to its credit. The most significant contribution of the Group in the development and promotion of bibliographical activities in the country is the compilation of "Retrospective National Bibliography of Pakistan" covering the period from 1947 to 1961. Indexing of periodical articles is a very painstaking job. Commercially these types of publications are not profitable. An attempt has been made by the individuals in compilation of indexes and bibliographical sources. These authors have compiled various bibliographies and indexes. Periodical Literature in Library and Information Science: an Index of 50 years' work in Pakistan (1947-1997) is the first on-line publication of library and information science from Pakistan. The Web version of this publication is available at The PLB is the only indexed and peer reviewed journal from Pakistan. It is indexed in Library Literature and Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature. It is abstracted in Library Literature and Information Science Abstracts (LISA) and American History and Life. It is listed in Ulrich's International Periodical Directory and its full publication data is included in Guide to Publishing Opportunities for Libraries (1995) by Schroeder and Roberson, published by the Haworth Press, New York. It has been regular and timely for the past 34 years. There are many subjects on which articles and editorials have been contributed during the last 33 years. In 33 volumes, comprising 82 issues, 576 articles including 82 editorials were published by 225 different authors, 180 from Pakistan and 45 from abroad. On the average about 7 articles per issue and 18 articles per year were carried. The PLB is basically a Pakistani journal, the maximum number of contributors were naturally from within the country. The contributors hail from Asia, Europe, Africa and North America including Canada, in that order. Overwhelming majority of authors evidently are from Asia (90%). This followed by North America including Canada (5.50%), Africa (2.56%) and then Europe (1.18%). There are none from Australia and New Zealand. All over the world men are dominating in every field of life and activity. This domination is much more pronounced in a developing society. The study indicated that in this journal men wrote more articles than women. The female contributions were only (10%) whereas male contributions were (90%). The study showed that most of the articles 435 (75.52%) were written in English. 141 (24.47%) articles were published in Urdu and only 4 (0.69%) articles were in Bengali language. The Bengali section was discontinued after creation of Bangladesh in 1971. During the span of 34 years (1968 - 2002) 82 issues carried different editorials. PLB editorials are thematic or expression of a particular viewpoint and not brief introduction to the contributed articles in an issue. These editorials are often a review of some aspect of library service and practice. The study showed that Usmani (Chief Editor from 1977 to December 2000) wrote a total of 32 editorials out of 82. Dr. Ghaniul Akram Sabzwari, who was the founder and first Chief Editor, (Chief Editor September 1968 to 1975 and January 2001 to-date) contributed 26. Late Prof. Akhtar Hanif, (Editor English Section 1979-1995) contributed 12 editorials. Moinuddin Khan (Editor English Section from July 1995 -to-date) contributed 8 editorials. R. A. Samdani, the Managing Editor from Volume 9, 1978 to to-date contributed 3 editorials and Prof. Dr. Syed Jalaluddin Haider former Chairman, Department of Library and Information Science, University of Karachi wrote one editorial. The analysis reveals that mamimum number of articles have been written on academic libraries and librarianship, and this is attributed to teachers of various Departments of Library and Information Science in the country. This is followed by Information Technology, Bibliographical Control, Public Libraries, Biographies of Librarians of the country and Library Education. This is a subject and author index. Entries are arranged in one alphabetical order according to the Library of Congress Filing Rules. Under author and subject the titles of the articles are arranged alphabetically by the first word of the title. Subject Headings are established in accordance with Library Literature with some changes to suit the national requirements. Bibliographic entries are on the pattern of Anglo American Cataloguing Rules-2, 1988 edition, as well as IFLA's Recommendations for adoption of International Standard Bibliographic Description (ISBD) and IFLA's publication entitled Name of Person; national usage for entry in Cataloguing. Complete title of the articles with sub-title (if any) is entered. Language is indicated in parenthesis e.g. (Urdu). Volume and issue number are mentioned as 33 (1-2). Date of publication of the issue mentioned as "September - December 2002". Page numbers are indicated in Arabic numerals as they appear in the issue. In case of editorial, title of the editorial is mentioned and in the bracket (Editorial) is written, e.g. Thinkers and Libraries (Editorial). Word 'About' indicates that the article mentioned after this word is related and written about the author whose entries are given above this word e.g. SAEED, HAKIM MUHAMMAD Library System in Pakistan. (Urdu). Pakistan Library Bulletin, 7 (3-4): 50-57, Mar.-June 1975. About Sabzwari, Ghaniul Akram. Hakim Saeed: Great Man in History. Pakistan Library Bulletin. 31 (1-2):1-8, March-June 2000. Samdani, Rais Ahmed. Hakim Muhammad Saeed: at a Glance. Pakistan Library Bulletin. 31 (1-2):7-30, March-June 2000.

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