Periodical literature in Library and Information Science : an index of 50 years’ work in Pakistan (1947-1997)

Samdani, Rais Ahmed and Mahmood, Khalid . Periodical literature in Library and Information Science : an index of 50 years’ work in Pakistan (1947-1997)., 1999 Pakistan Bibliographical Working Group (Karachi, Pakistan). [Book]

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The history of compilation of bibliography and index in Pakistan dates back to 1949. The first individual attempt was made by an eminent bibliographer Mr. A. R. Ghani. He compiled a comprehensive bibliography entitled “Pakistan: a select bibliography” published by the Association for the Advancement of Science in 1952. The bibliography contained 900 references to books, reports, government publications and periodical articles published in English on Pakistan. The Pakistan Bibliographical Working Group (PBWG) emerged in May 1950 on the recommendation of the International Conference on the Improvement of Bibliographical Sources, convened by the UNESCO in 1950 held at Paris. Mr. Fazal Elahi represented Pakistan in this conference. In fact the Group has the distinction of being the first professional organization to be formed at the national level, with the support of the UNESCO and on the enforcement of the government of Pakistan. The Group has a number of important bibliographies and indexes to its credit by library stalwarts like Prof. Dr. Abdul Moid, Fazal Elahi, S. V. Hussain and Akhtar H. Siddiqui. The Group published “A Guide to Works of Reference Published in Pakistan” and “A Guide to Periodicals and Newspapers of Pakistan”, both were published in 1953 with the assistance of UNESCO. Another important source published by the Group was “Union Catalogue of Periodicals in Social Sciences: held by the libraries in Pakistan” compiled by Fazal Elahi and Akhtar H. Siddiqui. The most significant contribution of the Group in the development and promotion of bibliographical activities in the country is the compilation of “Retrospective National Bibliography of Pakistan” covering the period from 1947 to 1961. In recent years the Group has published an index of an important professional journal entitled “Cumulative Index of Pakistan Library Review (PLR): 1958-1969” compiled by R. A. Samdani.

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