Bibliographics for the 983 eprints in the live archives of E-LIS : trends and status report up to 7th July 2004, based on author-self-archiving metadata

Anil Kumar, * and Kalyane, V. L. Bibliographics for the 983 eprints in the live archives of E-LIS : trends and status report up to 7th July 2004, based on author-self-archiving metadata., 2004 (Unpublished) [Preprint]


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The priority for ideas and philosophy related to "Network Theory" have been traced back and documented by Braun(2004),and credit goes to Karinthy(1929).The IT has empowered to realise it, as the most practical phenomena and it is no more a humour. The OAI (Open Archives Initiatives)and ACIS (Academic Contributor Information System)are progressive in the direction ,which may lead to realise the "Collective Genius" at global level. Focus of present study is on Author-Self-Archiving (A-S-A)Metadata of the 983 Eprints in the Live Archives of the E-LIS (EPrints of Library and Information Science),which were approved till 7th July 2004.The A-S-A Metadata was used for librametric analysis. Self-explanatory bibliographics are illustrated.The highlights include: Conference papers (34%); highest approval, June 2004 (28%); published archives (76%);not refereed (52%); not in public domain (60%); highest self-archiving-author (De Robbio, Antonella).The Nos. of EPrints having single JITA domain specifications were: Theoretical and general aspects of libraries and information(27); Information use and sociology of information(80);Users,literacy and reading(13);Libraries as physical collections(30);Publishing and legal issues(57);Management(13);Industry, profession and education(36);Information sources, supports, channels(113) ; Information treatment for information services, Information functions and techniques (101); Technical services libraries, archives and museums(25); Housing technologies(1); Information technology and library technology(92); and Inter-domainery (395) i.e. having specifications of two or more than two JITA classes.

Item type: Preprint
Keywords: OAI; Digital libraries; Open access; peer review journals; OAI repositories; Open Archives; Initiative; Open archives; Open Archive Initiative; Internet; electronic libraries; Scientometrics; copyright; metadata; Authority control; electronic publishing; Authority files; Biobibliometrics; digital library; scholarly information; individual scientist; archivi di autorità; research productivity; comunicazione scientifica; electronic journals; controllo d'autorità; Self-Archiving; auto-archiviazione; documentation; repositories; biblioteca digital; Bibliometrics; publishers; risorse elettroniche; archivi aperti; information science; propiedad intelectual; bibliotecas digitales; Library and Information Science Archives websites; De Robbio, Antonella; Kalyane, V L; Kademani, B S; Kumar, Vijai; Carosella, Maria Pia; Krichel, Thomas; Maffei, Lucia; Barrueco Cruz, Jose Manuel; Mornati, Susanna; di Girolamo, Maurizio; AIDAInformazioni : rivista di Scienze dell'informazione; Métodos de Información (MEI); High Energy Physics Libraries Webzine; Glasnik Narodne biblioteke Srbije; Bibliotime; ICSTI Forum; Biblioteche Oggi; Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science; BiD (Biblioteconomia i Documentació); social network; Network Theory.
Subjects: B. Information use and sociology of information > BB. Bibliometric methods
H. Information sources, supports, channels. > HS. Repositories.
Depositing user: * Anil Kumar
Date deposited: 12 Sep 2004
Last modified: 02 Oct 2014 11:59


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Vidyarthi A (2003)LibSoft Release 3.08


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