Developing independent learning skills via the web

Andretta, Susie Developing independent learning skills via the web., 2003 . In 4th Annual Conference of the LTSN Centre for Information and Computer Sciences, Galway (Ireland), 26-28 August 2003. [Conference poster]


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English abstract

This poster presentation examines the impact of the web-based resources produced to develop information literacy and research skills required to complete the dissertation module for a BSc in Information Management. This module was selected because of its emphasis on independent learning, and web resources were designed to provide a support framework that would enable students to operate as effective independent learners. Preliminary findings have shown that students at the advanced level of the degree are not equipped with independent learning skills and are particularly poor at the types of competences promoted by the Society of College, National and University Libraries (SCONUL)’s Information Skills model. We will assess the effectiveness of the web-based resources to develop these skills by examining student and peer-based feedback.

Item type: Conference poster
Keywords: independent learning, information literacy, research skills
Subjects: C. Users, literacy and reading. > CD. User training, promotion, activities, education.
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Date deposited: 23 Feb 2005
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