The Management of Science and Engineering Collections at Medium-Sized Research Universities in the Midst of New Technology

Osorio, Nestor L. The Management of Science and Engineering Collections at Medium-Sized Research Universities in the Midst of New Technology., 1990 . In Acquisitions '90 : Conference on Acquisitions, Budgets, and Collections (1990 : St. Louis), St. Louis (US), 16 - 17 May 1990. [Conference paper]


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This article examines a number of issues prevalent in medium-sized academic libraries such as: serials resources; the role of the subject specialist; collection development and information services; scholarly communication and the researcher; and new technology as an agent for change. It discusses these issues within the limitations present in these kind of institutions and it offers ideas on how to better utilize available resources.

Item type: Conference paper
Keywords: Collection management, Science and engineering collections, Electronic resources, Collection development, Acquisitions
Subjects: F. Management.
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Date deposited: 15 Jun 2005
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