Perceptions About Information/Library Skills As a Tool for Lifelong Learning

Osorio, Nestor L. Perceptions About Information/Library Skills As a Tool for Lifelong Learning., 1992 . In American Society for Engineering Education, Annual Illinois/Indiana Regional Conference (1992 : Notre Dame), Notre Dame, IN (US), 13-24 March 1992. [Conference paper]


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In the last half century written knowledge has grown exponentially and a number of new technologies have been introduced recently in order to manage and manipulate information. Engineers -- students, teaching faculty and practitioners -- have then to deal with large amounts of information as well as learn the techniques of retrieving them. The purpose of this paper is to survey the literature in order to determine the perceptions that teaching faculty, students have about the need to develop information/library skills as a required tool to become better engineers and to advance in their professional career.

Item type: Conference paper
Keywords: Information skills, Engineering students, lifelong learning, Engineering as a profession.
Subjects: C. Users, literacy and reading. > CD. User training, promotion, activities, education.
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Date deposited: 09 Jun 2005
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