Terminological draft, in progress, on the area of open culture

Costanzo Capitani, Paola Terminological draft, in progress, on the area of open culture., 2005 (Unpublished) [Report]


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The goal is the combining open source, open access ed open content: the common word is the philosophy based in the shared condivision of knowledge, not only limited to the experts but only to all who may use them. Such philosophy is concerning also the communities, not ever collaborative, as that of scientific authors, of the cultural institution, public and private, as archives, museums, libraries and services providers in order to disseminate new knowledge, open and reusable. The new landscapes suggest us to use and compare the different languages used, in order do find a common criteria, a shared definition, an easy point of view. On such ideas we must work using terminological devices just to make easy the users research and moreover to spread a new international knowledge. Terminology is based on the concepts sharing, in the several areas of knowledge, in order to reply to the different communication needs. The users state the subject of interest and the working methods of terminology according the individual specialized fields. The concepts are stated, based on the terminological sources, coming from the lexicons, dictionaries, vocabularies, data bases, in order to edit texts, handbooks, translation and interpreting, languages teaching. The users’ research states the referring corpora , to extract the terms, state the conceptual systems, editing the terminological grids. The experts in the field have the job to give a reference, in the stated area, showing the objects and processes, and giving the usefull guidelines. It is functional the useof written sources (handbooks, specialized bulletins, workshops reports, ecc.) to avoide the risk of limiting the work to a local terminology. A “corpus” is a set of texts and use some parameters according to a sery of stated chacteristics using selected texts based on criteria and limits (the written or spoken language, historical or geografic limits, the sources delimitation, the number of languages used). The definitions are only to some terms for which the meaning may be not clear or determining conceptual confusion. The access is on the English language, commonly used in the international level. This list (English/Italian) may be translated also in other languages (French, Spanish, German) with the cooperation of experts and users (universities, research institutes, researchers, etc.). For further information see the forum of www.indire.it/websemantico where many bilingual glossaries are available in the different fields (communication, e-learning, economy, education, health and safety, km, library and information science, school libraries, terminology and translation, training) and moreover the links to the clearing houses in the field of fashion (www.polimoda.com), health and safety (www.iss.it), law (www.ittig.it).

Item type: Report
Keywords: thesaurus, terminology, LIS
Subjects: A. Theoretical and general aspects of libraries and information.
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Date deposited: 27 Jul 2005
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