Global Perspectives on Higher Education & the Role of ICT

Mlitwa, Nhlanhla Boyfriend Global Perspectives on Higher Education & the Role of ICT., 2005 UNSPECIFIED. (In Press) [Other]


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This article was prepared for and delivered in the Cape Higher Education Consortium Workshop at the University of the Western Cape on the 8th of September. It discusses the global- but locally applicable perspectives of ICT for teaching and learning at tertiary level. It outlines predominant concepts, useful and misleading assumptions, as well as the underlying theoretical perspectives behind various levels of thinking about ICT in higher education. The lecturer offered a balanced theoretical background and a frame of reference for discussions of the day. The main point of the lecturer is that since technology is socially-embedded and context-based, that practitioners should be weary of perspectives that claim to offer “one size fits-all solutions” to every challenge. Instead of being driven by a technological hype, that we should be mindful of our genuine needs and related constraints in any given institutional context if an initiative is to be meaningful

Item type: Other
Keywords: ICT; ICT Perspectives; Higher Education, Critical Theory of Technology
Subjects: L. Information technology and library technology > LB. Computer networking.
Depositing user: Nhlanhla B. W. Mlitwa
Date deposited: 20 Sep 2005
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