Communication within the scientific process by Croatian journals

Maričić, Siniša and Sorokin, Branka Communication within the scientific process by Croatian journals., 2005 [Preprint]


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The scientific communication of Croatian cultural community with the worldwide one is studied in Croatian journals from the second half of the 19th century. Twelve titles among those which appeared in that period were analysed if they were published in Croatian irrespective of their geographic or political locality: Gospodarski list (1842- ), Kolo (1842-53), Zora Dalmatinska (1844-49), Pravdonoša (1851-52), Arkiv za pověstnicu jugoslavensku (1851-75), Pravnik (1853-54), Napredak (1859- ), Književnik (1864-66), Rad Jugoslavenske akademije znanosti i umjetnosti (1867-8), Šumarski list (1877- ), Liečnički viestnik (1877- ), Glasnik hrvatskoga naravoslovnoga družtva (1886-1907). The appearance of references to works of the forerunners was chosen as the indicator among a dozen possible ones from the pertinent literature. The following questions were sought to be answered: when, and how (including the location within the papers) were the references expressed, (2) is there a full bibliographic information about the source, and (3) is the foreign literature referred to. The historical framework is established together with the gradual introduction of the references in Croatian journals, from the first case - List měsečni horvatsko-slavonskoga Gospodarskoga Družtva from 1842, through an editorial stabilization - Arkiv za pověstnicu jugoslavensku from 1865, to the almost contemporary referencing style - Glasnik hrvatskoga naravoslovnoga družtva from 1886. The referencing initiator was Ivan Kukuljević Sakcinski, as the editor of and the author of many a paper in the journal Arkiv za pověstnicu jugoslavensku. The Croatian (scientific) journals came into being with a lag from the European ones by two centuries, but they caught up rather quickly.

Item type: Preprint
Keywords: scholarly communication, journals history
Subjects: B. Information use and sociology of information
Depositing user: Sinisa Maricic
Date deposited: 06 Jan 2006
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