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Raman Nair, R. Indian National Library., 1986 [Newspaper/magazine article]


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English abstract

The paper evaluates the functioning of Indian National Library (INL) and suggests that it should divide its responsibilities with other major libraries specializing in different subjects. State Central Libraries should be developed as the regional centers of INL and they should specialize in the publications of the languages of the State which they should watch and collect for national library system. The duplication of work between these institutions should be avoided. The totality of the functions of this group of libraries working together, like the interconnected parts of a machine, should attain the goals of INL. Such a national library system of India should have control over all the documents produced in India and the publications on India produced elsewhere. The INL should coordinate the activities of the specialized libraries and State Central libraries and through the Public library system extend its services up to the village level.

Malayalam abstract

Bhartha Desiya Granthalyathinte charithravum prvarthanvum avalokanam cheyyuuna ee lekhanam athinte prvartahanam vishayadisthanthilum, samstahnathinteyum bhashayudeyum adistahanathilum vikendirikarikkendunnathinte avasyakatha choondikkanikkunnu. Oro samsthanatheyum bhashyilulla prasiddikarnangal sekarikkunnathum samrakshikkunnathum Desiya Granthalayathinu vendi Samastahana Kendra Granthalayangal nirvahikkanam ennu abhiprayappedunnu. Niyamidhistihithamayi nilavil varunna oru pothu granthalaya vyavasthyude adistanthil sevanangal gramathalangalil vare ethikkanam ennu lkhakakan avasyappedunnu.

Item type: Newspaper/magazine article
Keywords: Indian National Library Legislation
Subjects: A. Theoretical and general aspects of libraries and information.
D. Libraries as physical collections. > DB. National libraries.
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Date deposited: 29 Jun 2006
Last modified: 02 Oct 2014 12:03


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