Granthasala Niyamam: Samuha Vidhyabhyasathinte Adithara

Raman Nair, R. Granthasala Niyamam: Samuha Vidhyabhyasathinte Adithara., 1986 [Newspaper/magazine article]


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English abstract

The paper points out that if education is to reach the people beyond a privileged minority; education is to be taken in a broader sense. More importance needs to be given to adult education, continuing education and distance education, than formal education which is accessible only to a privileged minority. Facility for continued self education after formal education is also important. Public library system is the only mechanism to give supporting and auxiliary services to all the above. Public libraries have to provide to the people information services that will help them to prosper in their respective professions. Public library has a great role in preparing people for social adjustment It provides opportunities to the people to understand social diseases and control them. Such an important system needs a legal base. So government should give priority to public library legislation.

Malayalam abstract

Samooha purogathikku anupekshaniyamaya pravrthanamekhalakale sambandichu supradanamanu granthasala niyamamennu ee lekhanam samarthikkunnu. Janangalude vidhyabhyasa purogathiyeyum oppam samuhika sampathika purohathiyeyum ethu nerittu bhadikkunnundu. Vidhyabhyasa stapanangaludeyum, varthavinmaya madhyamangaludeyum paridhiyil varatha nammude janathayude , daridrarum grameenarumaya bahubooripakshathinum avarude vidhyabhyasathinu, vijnanathinu, varthakalkku, vinodatthinu asrayikkanavunna samooha kendrangal pothu granthalyangal mathramanu. Athu kondu aa pradhana sevanam janaglakku urappkkunna granthasala niyamam ethrayum peettennu nadappkkanameenu eh lekhanam gavernmentinodu avasyappedunnu.

Item type: Newspaper/magazine article
Keywords: Publi Library Legislation Education India Kerala Social
Subjects: A. Theoretical and general aspects of libraries and information.
B. Information use and sociology of information
Depositing user: R. Raman Nair
Date deposited: 19 Jul 2006
Last modified: 02 Oct 2014 12:03


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