Venam Oru Kerala Granthasala Niyamam (Lakshyam Tedunna Granthasalakal -2)

Raman Nair, R. Venam Oru Kerala Granthasala Niyamam (Lakshyam Tedunna Granthasalakal -2)., 1988 [Newspaper/magazine article]


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English abstract

This second of a series of articles on Public Libraries in search of set objectives draws attention of the government to the urgent need for enacting a Library Legislation in Kerala. Kerala has more number of libraries than that of any other State of India. But among them those who can fulfill the objective of a community Information Centre is less than a dozen. The village libraries have got degraded into places where reading facility is provided for local newspapers, popular magazines as well as a few novels and stories are distributed for leisure time reading. Beyond the annual sports and arts festivals they organize they have no role in the development of the people. The paper argues that preparing standards and enacting Library legislation only can change the situation.

Malayalam abstract

Keralathil Granthasala Niyamam adiyanthiramayi nadappil varuthanamennu Lakshyam Tedunna Granthasalakal enna paramparayile eh munnamathe lekhanam avasyappedunnu. Ennathil oru pakshe ettavum kooduthal granthalayangal ulla oru samsthanamanu Keralam. Pakshe karyakshamamayi oru pothu granthalayathinte sevanangal nalkuvan paryapthamayi viralil ennavunnava polum ella. Kure pradesika patrangalum popular masikakalum novalukalum kathakalum matram vitaranam nadathunna varshanthorum onno rando kala paripadikalum kayika malsarangalum samgatippikkunn ittaram vayanasalakal matramavaruthu oru pothu granthalaya samvithanathile sevana kendrangal ennu lekahakan choondikkanikkunnu.

Item type: Newspaper/magazine article
Keywords: Public Library Legislation Village India Kerala
Subjects: A. Theoretical and general aspects of libraries and information.
F. Management.
D. Libraries as physical collections. > DC. Public libraries.
Depositing user: R. Raman Nair
Date deposited: 19 Jul 2006
Last modified: 02 Oct 2014 12:03


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