A study of outsourcing and externalisation by libraries with additional reference to the museums and archives domains : Library and Information Commission Research Report 132

Ball, David and Barton, David and Earl, Carleton and Dunk, Linda A study of outsourcing and externalisation by libraries with additional reference to the museums and archives domains : Library and Information Commission Research Report 132., 2002 [Report]


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This study provides an up-to-date view of the current experience of outsourcing and externalisation in the library and information domain, particularly higher education, public and special libraries, and its potential, together with an assessment of the effects of the external economic, political and technical pressures on service providers leading to change. Information has also been gathered from, and parallels drawn with, the other domains within Resource’s remit, museums and archives, giving some indication of the context of, and scope for, cross-domain working. The practical issues arising have been documented, and a decision matrix, recommended for judging the potential within an organisation for outsourcing, produced. The study has also undertaken an assessment of potential suppliers and agents in the market place: their capabilities, readiness, interests and future plans to meet increasing demands for outsourcing.

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Keywords: Outsourcing Externalisation
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