Reprography in university libraries and copyright law

Aituff, Thomas A . Reprography in university libraries and copyright law., 1996 In: Sustainable University Library Development. New Delhi, Ess Ess Publications, pp. 128-141. [Book chapter]


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Defines copyright and gives a bird’s eye view of the history of concerned legislation worldwide. Considers that copyright is the legal recognition of rights to control and benefit from works of authorship. Provisions of the law with special reference to Nigeria are discussed. Opines that Nigerian law is designed to encourage the creation and circulation of original works. Discusses the same in the context of reprography, which includes microcopy, photocopy duplicating and part printing. Makes a survey of the reprographic services provided by university libraries in Nigeria. Based on it the photo copying needs of teachers and students, and the extent to which relaxation in the Nigerian law permits fulfilling the needs in academic context are discussed. Makes necessary recommendations for the amendments to the law in the context of academic institutions as well as for the monitoring mechanisms to be installed to protect copyright.

Item type: Book chapter
Keywords: Repography Intellecutal property Rights IPR Photocopying Nigeria Copyright Law
Subjects: E. Publishing and legal issues. > EB. Printing, electronic publishing, broadcasting.
D. Libraries as physical collections. > DD. Academic libraries.
E. Publishing and legal issues. > ED. Intellectual property: author's rights, ownership, copyright, copyleft, open access.
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