Applying Library Policies for Digital Content Access to the Commercial Sector

Koulouris, Alexandros and Kapidakis, Sarantos and Makedon, Fillia Applying Library Policies for Digital Content Access to the Commercial Sector., 2005 . In 1st National Conference of the Hellenic Society for Systemic Studies, Tripolis (GR), May 12-14, 2005. [Conference paper]


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English abstract

The digital content of libraries is different from commercial digital products, such as computer applications, software tools, and computer code or data streams, but they have the same sharing, reproduction and distribution digital properties and similar knowledge management problems. We examine the policies applied to commercial and library digital content. We classify the commercial digital products, according to their use and distribution properties, and we analyze their policy components. Mapping on library and commercial sector policies is illustrated, and their similarities and differences are extracted. Within this mapping, we conclude by showing how a subset of the library policies can be transferred and implemented by companies. We show how this implementation could be beneficial for commercial companies, because libraries have great experience in providing digital content and in implementing policies. In this sense, libraries are leading the way, by showing to commercial companies how to handle and provide digital content.

Item type: Conference paper
Keywords: Virtual enterprises and communities, knowledge management policies, digital content providers, software, commercial content, digital content policies
Subjects: L. Information technology and library technology > LI. Authentication, and access control.
L. Information technology and library technology > LJ. Software.
Depositing user: Dr Alexandros Koulouris
Date deposited: 09 Oct 2006
Last modified: 02 Oct 2014 12:04


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