Library Skills dan Computer Literacy mahasiswa baru pengguna perpustakaan Universitas Sumatera Utara

Hasugian, Jonner Library Skills dan Computer Literacy mahasiswa baru pengguna perpustakaan Universitas Sumatera Utara., 2004 [Preprint]


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English abstract

The objective of this research is to discover library skills and computer literacy of new students becoming the users of The University Library of USU in academic year of 2002/2003. The results of the research indicate that, although majority of respondents (87 %) explained that they had ever used library before they are accepted as the new students of USU, however their library skills are still not satisfied. Apparently even in the small percentage (13 %), there are new students of USU, which never used library, when they were still senior high school students. Basic information retrieval skills of new students of USU are still limited in seeking books in the library by title and author, while the ability in seeking books by subject, keyword and call number are possessed by minimum numbers of respondents only. Majority of respondent (57 %) are not able using online catalog, which is available in the library. Besides, general of respondents (89 %) are not able searching information using CD-ROM database. Knowledge of basic references and basic bibliographic new students of USU are still not satisfied. While their proficiency in spoken and written English are in average level. Computer literacy of new student of USU can be considered to be sufficient. Data indicates that about 59 % of respondents are able using computer. Out of this group, 56,3 % of members are able using two computer programs, and 24,4 % are able using three programs.

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Keywords: Perpustakaan, Library Skills, Computer Literacy, Temu Balik Informasi.
Subjects: C. Users, literacy and reading. > CB. User studies.
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Date deposited: 02 Apr 2007
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Medan, 2002


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