Development of Indonesia’s National Digital Library Network

Fahmi, Ismail . Development of Indonesia’s National Digital Library Network., 2005 In: Design and Usability of Digital Libraries: Case Studies in the Asia Pacific. NTU Singapore. Idea Group Inc. Publishing. [Book chapter]


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This paper describes about the history and development of IndonesiaDLN (the Indonesia Digital Library Network) staerted by 40 people from 23 institutions conducted a meeting in Bandung on October 2000 (Fahmi, et al., 2000). Their main goal was to develop an innovative and collaborative strategy to acquire, maintain, and share local resources. As the ultimate result, they initiated a digital library network, which then is called as the Indonesia Digital Library Network (IndonesiaDLN), and developed an open-source software called Genasha Digital Library (GDL2). It was expected that by sharing the local resources as mentioned above, students from an institution will be able to improve their information literacy by accessing resources from other institutions. IndonesiaDLN can be seen as a network that integrates digital libraries from many institutions in Indonesia by collecting and sharing their local resources in the form of metadata and full texts. Through every digital library server, a user can browse, search, and download any resources shared by the IndonesiaDLN members. The growth of this network is significantly fast. Only in two years since the first time the network was launched in 2001, the number of new digital libraries joined the IndonesiaDLN has reached 45 members.

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Keywords: Digital Library; Indnesia; Library Network; Library Cooperation
Subjects: A. Theoretical and general aspects of libraries and information. > AC. Relationship of LIS with other fields .
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