Interpersonal Skill dalam Pelayanan Perpustakaan= Interpersonal skill in library services

Damayani, Ninis Agustini Interpersonal Skill dalam Pelayanan Perpustakaan= Interpersonal skill in library services. Pustaha: Jurnal Studi Perpustakaan dan Informasi, 2005, vol. 1, n. 4, pp. 23-27. [Journal article (Paginated)]


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English abstract

The image of librarians in the world today has not changed much since many years ago. Entering the library, people expect to find an old – fashioned librarian usually woman with hair in tight bun, wearing glasses, and sensible shoes. She also loves silence, likes books and says “shh“ a lot. Although librarian deals with computer everyday, the people think that she still looks like the mid-century stereotype. The question is “what happened to the librarian? In a working situation where employees are in continuous contact with the client, such as librarian in the library, the ability to interact and communicate well is essential to the outcome of so much of the work they do. The important thing is it also build the image of the employees /librarians. In other words the image of the librarians, whether it is positive or negative, is really depends on how librarians satisfy the user’s needs through library services. Library users do not only search products or services, they also search the many intangible things such as friendliness, goodwill, a caring attitude, and a whole range of other behaviors and emotions which go to create the package called “interpersonal skill”.

Item type: Journal article (Paginated)
Keywords: Interpersonal Skill, Library Services
Subjects: F. Management. > FD. Public relations.
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Date deposited: 30 Mar 2008
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