Application of concept of services marketing in digital library

Sahu, Ashok Kumar and Mahapatra, Rabindra Kumar Application of concept of services marketing in digital library., 2006 . In International Conference on Digital Libraries, New Delhi (India), 5-8 December 2006. [Conference paper]


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This paper discusses the application of conventional concept of services marketing in digital library in modern era. The aim of this study to attempt to correlate marketing as a concept to the provision of digital library services. The unique characteristics of information products may demand a new approach to marketing defined as information marketing. In view of the social, economic and technological changes, Library and Information centers have begun to realize that marketing of information products and services is an integral part of administration. On account of information explosion, the technological revolution and escalating library costs are responsible for encouraging the library profession to develop a professional marketing approach in its operations and services. This paper discusses the concept of conventional services marketing system as they are affected in digital library services. The concept would help to provide right service at right time and the right price to right users in the right place with support of quality staffs. This paper provides useful information on the marketing of digital library and information services.

Item type: Conference paper
Keywords: Information Services; Marketing Strategy; Services Marketing; Information Marketing; Digital Library
Subjects: F. Management. > FB. Marketing.
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