Practice and academy, or working as learning: internship course at the Universitat de Barcelona LIS Faculty

García, Jesús Gascón Practice and academy, or working as learning: internship course at the Universitat de Barcelona LIS Faculty., 2008 . In 17th annual BOBCATSSS symposium (Bobcatsss 2009), Porto (Portugal), 28-30 January 2009. (Unpublished) [Conference paper]


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English abstract

In degrees related to technical professions, cooperation between university –teaching its theoretical foundations— and professional world, is necessary to ensure that training is nor abstract neither unrealistic. Internship or placement programs give to students the chance to combine theory and practice in a subject, applying theoretical concepts to a work environment, and inducing new knowledge from practical activities. Students become actors and responsible for their learning. Professors and internship center advisors are other players involved in this process. To ensure its success, all three must believe firmly that internship programs are educational and learning processes. As an instance, the internship model at Universitat de Barcelona LIS Faculty is presented. It is based on good relations between centers and the Faculty. The current internship syllabus is explained, as well as some features of the new curriculum, adapted to ECTS. Located in the seventh semester (of eight), internship is directly linked to other subjects; so, students may take advantage from the stage educational value to enhance their performance in other subjects. The comprehensive nature of internship allows students developing their ability to associate ideas and concepts, analysis and synthesis. Student assessment also aims to be comprehensive, assessing theoretical knowledge, practical skills and abilities, through an evaluation shared by advisors and professors, with written and oral parts. Some problems detected in interns (misconception of the internship educational nature, bad written and oral expression) are useful to propose corrective elements in the new curriculum. Students also evaluate the development and quality of internships.

Item type: Conference paper
Keywords: internship, placement, educational process, professional training, tutorship, cooperation university-profession, assessment, Universitat de Barcelona.
Subjects: C. Users, literacy and reading. > CD. User training, promotion, activities, education.
Depositing user: 2009 Bobcatsss
Date deposited: 31 Mar 2009
Last modified: 02 Oct 2014 12:14


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