Library legislation in Kerala: a historical and comparative evaluation

Raman Nair, R. Library legislation in Kerala: a historical and comparative evaluation., 1990 MLISc thesis thesis, Banaras Hindu University. [Thesis]

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English abstract

The study evaluates the movement for library legislation in Kerala. Kerala is a State with a strong and unique library movement. The history of the movement for library legislation and the evolution of the library law in Kerala through various stages are discussed in detail. The influences through time and space that finally got deposited in the Act are critically analyzed. The study identifies the historical and socio political trends that may result in enactment of defective library legislations. Stresses on the positive attitudes that decision makers should have in various aspects related to framing of library legislation and suggests the measures for preventing the enactment of defective library legislations. Instead of approaching the State Library Acts of India as independent ones here it is approached as a constituent component of National Level Legislation based on the library development plan prepared by Dr. S. R. Ranganathan for India.

Item type: Thesis (UNSPECIFIED)
Keywords: India, Kerala, library legislation, act, law, information services, history
Subjects: A. Theoretical and general aspects of libraries and information.
Depositing user: R. Raman Nair
Date deposited: 13 Jan 2010
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