Librarians as Faculty Association Participants: An Autoethnography

Wheeler, Justine and Graebner, Carla and Skelton, Michael and Patterson, Margaret (Peggy) . Librarians as Faculty Association Participants: An Autoethnography., 2014 In: In Solidarity: Academic Librarian Labour Activism and Union Participation in Canada. Library Juice, pp. 171-183. [Book chapter]

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Academic librarian participation in university faculty associations has been a topic of discussion in Canadian and U.S. publications for over thirty years. Often the discussion has centered on faculty or academic status for librarians. However, what has been missing in the discussion is research regarding the experience of librarians in leadership positions within faculty associations. Specifically, what is the experience of librarians who actively participate on the Board of Directors for their faculty associations? This chapter presents the findings of an auto-ethnographic study of three librarians currently sitting on the Board of Directors at three universities in Canada.

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Keywords: labour; labor; librarians; academic; faculty associations; unions; autoethnography
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