Kütüphanelerde-Elektronik Kaynaklara Erişimde Yaşanan Sorunlar

Odabaş, Hüseyin . Kütüphanelerde-Elektronik Kaynaklara Erişimde Yaşanan Sorunlar., 2017 In: ilişim Teknolojilerinin Bilgi Merkezlerine ve Hizmetlerine Etkileri. Hiperyayın, pp. 313-326. [Book chapter]


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English abstract

From past to present, information centers are known as social organizations that shape, transform and adapt to new service models according to the expectations of the society. Nowadays, information centers are under the influence of information technologies and with the power of this effect, they continue to digitize their services day by day. Digitized services do not only offer benefits; it also brings current and new issues into the task area of librarians. As a result, library users have some problems that they encounter during the use of electronic resources and sometimes cannot solve them. In this study, technical problems faced by users who use electronic resources and the factors causing these problems are tried to be explained.

Item type: Book chapter
Keywords: Technological issues in electronic services
Subjects: J. Technical services in libraries, archives, museum. > JZ. None of these, but in this section.
Depositing user: Hüseyin Odabaş
Date deposited: 18 Dec 2019 14:14
Last modified: 18 Dec 2019 14:14
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10760/39314


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