The FAIR and DARE experience

Awre, Chris and Van der Vaart, Lilian The FAIR and DARE experience., 2004 . In CERN Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication : Implementing the benefits of OAI (OAI3), CERN (Geneva, Switzerland), 12-14th February 2004. [Presentation]


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Conclusions of the breakout session "The FAIR and DARE experience ". The FAIR and DARE Programmes are national initiatives in the UK and the Netherlands, respectively, which aim to investigate and develop the use of OAI within institutional repositories. The two Programmes have brought OAI to the forefront of thinking in the two countries when institutional repositories and related activities are being considered and planned by academic institutions. Both have produced a great deal of learning and experience amongst those involved in the projects and this is being disseminated widely. A key success of the FAIR and DARE Programmes has been the real world nature of the projects: institutional repositories are being established not just as test cases or exemplars, but as real services within institutions. These implementations have produced much general experience that others can benefit from. Additionally, the implementations include local requirements to suit local situations and needs, and the additional experience gained in making these changes work. The results so far of FAIR and DARE have often led to more questions than answers, but it has been a valuable experience discovering the right questions to ask.

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