Model i elementi metapodataka opisa zbirki

Pavelić, Damir and Willer, Mirna Model i elementi metapodataka opisa zbirki., 2003 . In Arhivi, knjižnice, muzeji 6, Rovinj (Croatia), 20-22 November 2002. [Conference paper]


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English abstract

"The model and metadata elemenst for collection level description" introduces issues relevant for the collection description, in which the concept "collection" covers a wide scope of entities: LMA collections, library catalogues, digital archives, collections of text, sounds etc. and combinations of these, other collections of physical items, etc. Three basic documentes for the understanding of this topic are presented: the analytical model of collections and metadata elements for their description, as well as their application in a British project RSLP.

Croatian abstract

Rad uvodi u problematiku opisa zbirke, pri čemu pojam zbirka obuhvaća entitete u rasponu od fonda neke od baštinskih ustanova, knjižničnh kataloga, digitalnih arhiva, pa sve do zbirki tekstova, zvučnih snimki itd. te njihovih kombinacija ili bilo kojih drugih zbirki fizičkih jedinica. Prikazuju se tri osnovna dokumenta za razumijevanje ove problematike: analitički model zbirke i elementi metapodataka za opis zbirke te njihova primjena u britanskom projektu RSLP.

Item type: Conference paper
Keywords: analitički model zbirke, elementi metapodataka za opis zbirke, Dublin Core, RSLP (Research Support Libraries Programme Collection Description) analythical model of collection, metadata elements for collection description, Dublin Core, RSLP (Research Support Libraries Programme Collection Description)
Subjects: L. Information technology and library technology
I. Information treatment for information services
Depositing user: Damir Pavelic
Date deposited: 09 Jun 2004
Last modified: 02 Oct 2014 11:58


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