Never be silent : publishing & imperialism in Kenya, 1884-1963

Durrani, Shiraz . Never be silent : publishing & imperialism in Kenya, 1884-1963., 2006 Vita Books. [Book]


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Social communications are central to any social struggle. There is a sizable body of literature from other countries on the use of oral medium, newspapers, books and other forms of communications being used as tools for organising against a powerful enemy, as a training ground for cadres and for clarifying and developing revolutionary theory, ideology, organisation and practice. All this ensures a greater unity among those resisting oppression and exploitation. Thus revolutionary and liberation forces of Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union, the Communist Party of China, and in Vietnam had developed theories and practices of revolutionary publishing as part of their revolutionary work. This has also been the case during anti-colonial and anti-imperialist struggles in Africa, but very little of this has been systematically documented as an aspect of revolutionary communications policy and practice. While the colonial communications systems have been reasonably well documented, the resistance communication systems remain largely undocumented and ignored. This book is an initial attempt to document this dynamic communications process in Kenya with its external struggles against colonialism and its complex internal struggles with overlaying divisions of race and class, Kenyan and foreign peoples. The main theme emerging from this experience is that people struggling to change their society always find ways of establishing their own system of communicating with the people they lead and by whom they are led. Their mission of revolution, of change, of peace, of social and economic justice requires that they should never be silent. This was well understood and practised by the liberation forces in Kenya. They were never silent.

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Keywords: Kenya; history; publishing; imperialism; censorship; libraries; working class; Mau Mau Liberation struggle; Vita Books; Mau Mau Research Centre; Ngugi Wa Thiong'O; Marika Sherwood; Kenya Liberation Library
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E. Publishing and legal issues. > EE. Intellectual freedom.
B. Information use and sociology of information > BC. Information in society.
E. Publishing and legal issues. > EF. Censorship.
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