The Effects of Electronic Access to Scientific Literature in the Consortium of Turkish University Libraries

Kırlıdoğ, Melih and Bayır, Didar The Effects of Electronic Access to Scientific Literature in the Consortium of Turkish University Libraries., 2007 [Preprint]


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English abstract

Purpose: To provide some insight to the sharp increase in the scientific publications originating from Turkish academic and research institutions in the last few years. The underlying reasons, widespread access to literature through electronic databases being the most important, are also investigated. Design/methodology/approach: Although it is difficult to gauge national scientific productivity, number of publications in electronic databases which index thousands of scientific journals can give an idea. Web of Science is one of them, and it is provided to the Turkish academic community along with several other databases by the national library consortium. Based on the Web of Science data, a comparative analysis was performed to investigate publications originated from Turkey and other countries. Findings: The analysis revealed sharp increase in publications from Turkish institutions in the last few years. Considering the highest publishing 30 countries out of 190, the increase between 2001 and 2003 is 53.48 percent for Turkey, followed by 34.00 percent for China and 26.87 percent for South Korea. Research limitations: Although one of the largest, only one of several databases was analyzed. Additionally, there are also several other indicators of scientific productivity such as books published and citations received. Originality and value of the paper: The paper provides some insight to the importance of library consortia and efficient literature access it provides to the researchers.

Item type: Preprint
Keywords: Turkey, library consortium, academic publishing, digital divide, ANKOS
Subjects: E. Publishing and legal issues. > EZ. None of these, but in this section.
B. Information use and sociology of information > BA. Use and impact of information.
H. Information sources, supports, channels. > HP. e-resources.
Depositing user: Ilkay Holt
Date deposited: 17 Apr 2007
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