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Abuín-Vences, Natalia and Cuesta-Cambra, Ubaldo and Niño-González, José-Ignacio and Bengochea-González, Carolina Hate speech analysis as a function of ideology: Emotional and cognitive effects. Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 71, pp. 37-48. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Agustín-Lacruz, Carmen and Blanco-Domingo, Luis Mariano and Tramullas, Jesús Fotógrafas españolas, luces y sombras en la Wikipedia. Cuadernos Fotodoc, 2022, n. 3, pp. 38-46. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Alberca Sialer, F. A. and Soto-Cáceda, Delia-Rosa Patrimonio cultural inmaterial y turismo. Análisis de la producción científica publicada en revistas iberoamericanas de turismo. Investigaciones Turísticas, 2022, n. 23, pp. 112-139. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Alonso-Arévalo, Julio and Quinde-Cordero, Marlene El Préstamo Digital Controlado en bibliotecas. Desiderata, 2022, n. 18, pp. 78-81. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Alonso-Arévalo, Julio and Quinde-Cordero, Marlene Storytelling: la narración de historia personales en bibliotecas. Desiderata, 2022, n. 18, pp. 94-100. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Amouzgar, Sima and Noruzi, Alireza and Sarrafzadeh, Maryam Analysis of Issues and Challenges of Copyright of Textual Digital Resources from the Viewpoint of Managers of Academic Digital Libraries in Tehran. Library and Information Sciences, 2022, vol. 25, n. 1, pp. 29-59. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Arcila-Calderón, Carlos and Sánchez-Holgado, Patricia and Quintana-Moreno, Cristina and Amores, Javier J. Hate speech and social acceptance of migrants in Europe: Analysis of tweets with geolocation. Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 71, pp. 21-35. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Arroyave-Cabrera, Jesús and Gonzalez-Pardo, Rafael Communication bibliometric research in Latin American scientific journals (2009-2018). Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 70, pp. 85-96. [Journal article (Paginated)]


Babini, Dominique and Chan, Leslie and Hagemann, Melissa and Joseph, Heather and Kuchma, Iryna and Suber, Peter La Budapest Open Access Initiative: Recomendaciones en su 20° Aniversario., 2022 UNSPECIFIED. [Other]


Castillo-Zúñiga, Iván and Luna-Rosas, Francisco-Javier and López-Veyna, Jaime-Iván Detection of traits in students with suicidal tendencies on Internet applying Web Mining. Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 71, pp. 105-117. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Cribbs, Heather and Gardner, Gabriel Keeping Search Configuration Options Open., 2022 . In Computers in Libraries 2022, Virtual, March 29 - 31, 2022. [Presentation]


Davoudi, Hamidreza and Noruzi, Alireza Analyzing Wikipedia Citations to Iranian English-language Journals approved by the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Sciences and Techniques of Information Management, 2022, vol. 8, n. 1, pp. 15-44. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Doulani, Abbas and Gholami, Farzaneh and Karbala Aghaei Kamran, Masoumeh Drawing and analyzing the scientific map of the scientific outputs of the faculty members of Urmia University in the Web of Science database in the period 1982-2012. Journal of Knowledge-Research Studies, 2022, vol. 1, n. 1, pp. 3-27. [Journal article (Paginated)]


Estrada-Molina, Odiel and Fuentes-Cancell, Dieter-Reynaldo Engagement and desertion in MOOCs: Systematic review. Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 70, pp. 111-124. [Journal article (Paginated)]


Febro-Naga, January and Tinam-isan, Mia-Amor Exploring cyber violence against women and girls in the Philippines through Mining Online News. Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 70, pp. 125-138. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Fernández-Abad, Francisco-Javier and Martín de la Calle, Carmelo El expurgo: operación central del desarrollo sostenible en instituciones documentales. Gato de biblioteca, 2022, vol. 4, pp. 33-36. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Flores Fernández, Cherie and Avilés Cañon, Pamela and Caviedes Romero, Solange and Civilo Becerra, Maureen and Galdames Ñanculeo, Catalina and Liberona Ramírez, Valentino Bibliotecas públicas rurales: espacios de colaboración para la acción comunitaria. Revisión sistematizada. Serie Bibliotecología y Gestión de Información, 2022, n. 120, pp. 1-24. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Froment, Facundo and García-González, Alfonso-Javier and Cabero-Almenara, Julio The relationship of Twitter with teacher credibility and motivation in university students. Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 71, pp. 131-142. [Journal article (Paginated)]


Gardner, Gabriel Intellectual Freedom and Alternative Priorities in Library & Information Science Research: A Longitudinal Study. IFLA Journal, 2022. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Gholampour, Sajad and Gholampour, Behzad and Noruzi, Alireza Highly Cited Papers in Sport Sciences: Identification and Conceptual Analysis. International Journal of Information Science and Management, 2022, vol. 20, n. 2, pp. 305-324. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Gil-Solés, Daniel The people’s and parish libraries of Father Claret: an outline of a library network in the nineteenth century. Catholic Library World, 2022, vol. 92, n. 3, pp. 186-201. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Gonçalves, Isabella and David, Yossi A systematic literature review of the representations of migration in Brazil and the United Kingdom. Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 71, pp. 49-61. [Journal article (Paginated)]

González-Díaz, Romel and Acevedo-Duque, Ángel and Martin-Fiorino, Víctor and Cachicatari-Vargas, Elena Latin American professors’ research culture in the digital age. Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 70, pp. 71-83. [Journal article (Paginated)]

González‐Teruel, Aurora and Araújo, Carlos‐Alberto‐Ávila and Sabelli, Martha Diffusion of theories and theoretical models in the Ibero‐American research on information behavior. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 2022, vol. 73, n. 4, pp. 561-578. [Journal article (Paginated)]

González-Valiente, Carlos Luis and López-Mesa, Evony Katherine Iberoamerica using journal co-citation analysis: a comparative study based on Scopus and Web of Science. Heliyon, 2022, vol. 34, pp. 2-13. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Grupo formal de Trabajo de la Agenda 2030, Ayuntamiento de Madrid Bibliotecas municipales del Ayuntamiento de Madrid y Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible: 17 caminos para mejorar el mundo. Gato de biblioteca, 2022, vol. 4, pp. 7-15. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Guallar, Javier and Pedraza-Jimenez, Rafael and Pérez-Montoro, Mario . Curation Analysis System (CAS): A method for analysing digital media content curation., 2022 In: Visualisations and narratives in digital media. Methods and current trends. DigiDoc-EPI, pp. 26-46. [Book chapter]

Guimarães, Daniel Curcio Lott and Adriano, Ricardo Luiz da Silva and Pereira, Maria Cecília Metodologia para desenvolvimento de subsistemas de TT&C em CubeSats., 2022 UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED. [Thesis]

Guiñez-Cabrera, Nataly and Mansilla-Obando, Katherine Booktokers: Generating and sharing book content on TikTok. Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 71, pp. 119-130. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Gutiérrez-Martín, Alfonso and Pinedo-González, Ruth and Gil-Puente, Cristina ICT and Media competencies of teachers. Convergence towards an integrated MIL-ICT model. Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 70, pp. 21-33. [Journal article (Paginated)]


Haddadi, Mansoureh and Galyani-Moghaddam, Golnessa and Maleki, Reza Recreational Reading of Students at the Tarbiat Modares University. Journal of Knowledge-Research Studies, 2022, vol. 1, n. 1, pp. 55-74. [Journal article (Paginated)]


Irfan, Ajvazi Bourdieu’s Language and Symbolic Power., 2022 [Preprint]


Jozi, Zeinab and Abdi, Sajedeh and Shadi, Sournaz Study of the world scientific output trends in the field of social services of public libraries in Scopus database with Scientometrics approach. Journal of Knowledge-Research Studies, 2022, vol. 1, n. 1, pp. 93-118. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Julia, J. and Gunara, Sandie and Supriyadi, Tedi and Agustian, Egi and Ali, Enjang Yusup and Budiman, Agus Improving Elementary School Teachers’ Competence in Composing Thematic Songs: An Action Research. Pegem Journal of Education and Instruction, 2022, vol. 12, n. 1, pp. 131-141. [Journal article (Paginated)]


Kern, Vinícius M and Uriona-Maldonado, Mauricio O custo da precariedade: o colapso da saúde dos editores é também o colapso da revista. Em Questão, 2022, vol. 28, n. 1, pp. 484-504. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Khoeini, Soheila and Noruzi, Alireza and Jozi, Zeinab and Mostafavi, Ismael Co-word Analysis of Scientific Outputs in the Field of Bibliotherapy in Web of Science. Caspian Journal of Scientometrics, 2022, vol. 9, n. 1, pp. 13-28. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Kirtania, Deep Kumar and Chatterjee, Abhijit . A Bibliography on Marichjhapi Massacre in West Bengal., 2022 In: Transformation of Knowledge in the Digital Age Environment through Library. Orange Books Publication, pp. 128-141. [Book chapter]


Lima, Clóvis Ricardo Montenegro de . Pandemia., 2022 Habermas, discurso e organizações., 6 . Salute. [Book]

López, Cristina and Martínez-Cañadas, Evelio Informe encuesta satisfacción bibliotecaria catalana 2021., 2022 UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished) [Other]


Martinez-Gil, Jorge Fuzzy Logics for Multiple Choice Question Answering., 2022 [Preprint]

Mateus, Julio-César and Andrada, Pablo and González-Cabrera, Catalina and Ugalde, Cecilia Teachers' perspectives for a critical agenda in media education post COVID-19. A comparative study in Latin America. Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 70, pp. 9-19. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Mesquita-Romero, Walter-Antonio and Fernández-Morante, Carmen and Cebreiro-López, Beatriz Critical media literacy to improve students' competencies. Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 70, pp. 47-57. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Moradi, Samira Explaining the components of access in information seeking process in virtual space based on radical change theory: The case study of newcomer bachelor degree students of faculty of Education and Psychology of the University of Tabriz. Journal of Knowledge-Research Studies, 2022, vol. 1, n. 1, pp. 119-141. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Morales, Cristina and Martínez, Evelio Informe encuesta satisafacción bibliotecaria catalana 2021., 2022 UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished) [Other]

Morán, Reyes Towards an ethical framework about Big Data era: Metaethical, normative ethical and hermeneutical approaches. Heliyon, 2022, vol. 8, n. 2, pp. 1-8. [Journal article (Paginated)]


Noruzi, Alireza and Gholampour, Behzad and Gholampour, Sajad and Jafari, Somayeh and Farshid, Razieh and Stanek, Agata and Saboury, Ali Akbar Current and Future Perspectives on the COVID-19 Vaccine: A Scientometric Review. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2022, vol. 11, n. 3, pp. 1-21. [Journal article (Paginated)]


Parra-Valero, Pablo and Villaseñor-Rodríguez, Isabel ODS Club: ocio y debate sostenible en la Universidad Complutense. Gato de biblioteca, 2022, vol. 4, pp. 41-43. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Pérez Gómez, Jorge Análisis de las tendencias en bibliotecología y estudios de la información., 2022 Master thesis, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. [Thesis]

Petrosyan, Luiza and Garcia-Garcia, Alicia and Peset, Fernanda and Ferrer-Sapena, Antonia and Aleixandre-Benavent, Rafael and Valderrama-Zurian, Juan Carlos and Vidal-Cabo, Christian and Sixto-Costoya, Andrea ¿Cuánto de abiertos son los datos de investigación en el área agrícola?, 2022 . In CRECS, León, 4-6 de mayo 2022. [Conference poster]

Poveda-Mañosa, Antonio-José La Biblioteca Complutense transita la senda hacia la Agenda 2030. Gato de Biblioteca, 2022, vol. 4, pp. 16-25. [Journal article (Paginated)]


Ramírez López, Javier Eduardo El Códice Cardona: un acercamiento a la materialidad y contenido de un documento desconocido. Palabra Clave (La Plata), 2022, vol. 11, n. 1, pp. 1-16. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Robles, José-Manuel and Guevara, Juan-Antonio and Casas-Mas, Belén and Gómez, Daniel When negativity is the fuel. Bots and Political Polarization in the COVID-19 debate. Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 71, pp. 63-75. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Rohila, Narendra Singh and Singh, B P and Bankar, Ravindra Indian Journal of Animal Science: a scientometric assessment and application of Lotka's Law (2015-2020)., 2022 . In International Conference of Agricultural Librarians and User Community (ICALUC-2022), Assam Agricultural University ,Jorhat Assam(IN), 28 April 2022. [Conference paper]


Safarpour, Eshagh and Abbaspour, Javad and Salimi, Ghasem Exploring the Experiences and Views of Shiraz University’s Art and Humanities faculty members on Promotion Regulation. Journal of Knowledge-Research Studies, 2022, vol. 1, n. 1, pp. 29-54. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Sáiz-Manzanares, María-Consuelo and Casanova, Joana and Lencastre, José-Alberto and Almeida, Leandro Student satisfaction with online teaching in times of COVID-19. Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 70, pp. 35-45. [Journal article (Paginated)]


SARBUNAN, THOBIAS Should be acknowledged for forethought in using 5G technologies (A Collection of Data)., 2022 (Unpublished) [Dataset]

Schuldt, Karsten Forecasting in Bibliotheken: Welche Methoden nutzen Bibliotheken, um ihre Zukunft zu verstehen? Welche Themen interessieren sie?, 2022 [Report]

Serrano-Díaz, Noemí and Aragón-Mendizábal, Estíbaliz and Mérida-Serrano, Rosario Families’ perception of children’s academic performance during the COVID-19 lockdown. Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 70, pp. 59-68. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Shahbazi, Rahim Analysis of Twenty Years Scientific Outputs of Chemistry of "University of Tabriz", "Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University ", and "Sahand University of Technology" Based on the WOS Database (1999-2018). Journal of Knowledge-Research Studies, 2022, vol. 1, n. 1, pp. 75-92. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Sierra-Rodríguez, Alba and Arroyo-Machado, Wenceslao and Barroso-Hurtado, Domingo Twitter and human trafficking: Purposes, actors and topics in the Spanish-speaking scene. Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 71, pp. 79-91. [Journal article (Paginated)]


Tanus, Gabrielle Institucionalização da Biblioteconomia Progressista e Crítica. Institucionalização da Biblioteconomia Progressista e Crítica, 2022, vol. 28, n. 1, pp. 432-457. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Tejada-Carrasco, Beatriz and Corral-Trullench, Carolina and Frisuelos-Berbería, Leire El compromiso de la Biblioteca de la UNED con la promoción de un futuro mejor para todos. Gato de Biblioteca, 2022, vol. 4, pp. 26-32. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Thobias, Sarbunan Individual Review on Odd Semester Project Final 2021/2022/Education Fundamentals Course on YouTube., 2022 (Unpublished) [Technical report]

Toril, Rosario and Pons, Chelo La sostenibilidad en el corazón de RECIDA. Gato de biblioteca, 2022, vol. 4, pp. 37-40. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Torres Chavez, Valeria A. Explorando la literacidad en casa: introducción al mundo letrado de un joven con necesidades educativas especiales. Social Innova Sciences, 2022, vol. 3, n. 1, pp. 53-62. [Journal article (Paginated)]


Umair, Musadiq Malware Detection and Challenges in WBAN., 2022 [Preprint]


Valverde-Berrocoso, Jesús and González-Fernández, Alberto and Acevedo-Borrega, Jesús Disinformation and multiliteracy: A systematic review of the literature. Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 70, pp. 97-110. [Journal article (Paginated)]

Vardakosta, Ifigenia Getting on the map : Greek libraries and users’ modern geographical information needs., 2022 . In Fiesole Retreat 2022, Athens (GR), 5-7 April 2022. (Unpublished) [Presentation]

Vargas-Rivera, Eddy-Suyen Detección temprana de la disgrafía desde el ejercicio profesional docente. Revista Científica Retos de la Ciencia, 2022, vol. 6, n. 12, pp. 13-24. [Journal article (Paginated)]


Wachs, Sebastian and Wettstein, Alexander and Bilz, Ludwig and Gámez-Guadix, Manuel Adolescents’ motivations to perpetrate hate speech and links with social norms. Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 71, pp. 9-20. [Journal article (Paginated)]


Yasar-Akyar, Ozgur and Rosa-Feliz, Cinthia and Sunday-Oyelere, Solomon and Muñoz, Darwin Special Education Teacher’s professional development through digital storytelling. Comunicar, 2022, vol. 30, n. 71, pp. 93-104. [Journal article (Paginated)]


Zavaraqi, Rasoul Knowledge-Research Studies as an umbrella to cover interdisciplinary researches. Journal of Knowledge-Research Studies, 2022, vol. 1, n. 1, pp. 1-2. [Journal article (Paginated)]


Кропочева, Н. М. Окремі питання цифрового навчального середовища та внесок бібліотек у його розвиток., 2022 . In Сучасні тенденції та фактори розвитку педагогічних та психологічних наук, Київ, Україна, 4–5 лютого 2022 р.. [Conference paper]

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